How to Change a Flat Tire

Most of us own a vehicle or two at our home. From time to time, there is a situation where we have to do some maintenance or repair on our vehicle by ourselves.

The most common repair done by vehicle owners are the changing of tires. You tyre change 04may be surprised that there are many car owners who do not know how to change a tire. It can be quite a problem especially if you are stuck on the highway and need to change a flat. It is high time you learned how to change a tire on your own.

It is not as hard as it sounds. Anyone can do it. First of all based on where you are you must pull over to the side of the road, obviously this will not apply if you are at home. Get out of your car and inspect all four tires. If you have only one flat you should be fine but if you have more than the one you will have to call a tow service.

tyre change 05First take out your spare tire from where it is located. Some cars have it at the back, some in the trunk and some underneath. Once you have taken the tire out, take your tire wrench and the best floor jack out.

The next step is to loosen all the nuts on the flat wheel. Once they are loose and can be turned easily with your fingers place your jack underneath the car. Ensure it is placed correctly aligned with the chassis of the car. Then lift the car up with the jack. After the flat tire is off the ground remove the nuts on the flat and pull the tire out. Put the flat in the place where your spare was. Next you put in your spare tire and replace the nuts with your fingers. Then you tyre change 06release the jack and when the wheel is on the ground use the wrench to tighten the nuts on the tire as hard as you can.

Keep the jack and wrench back in their place and go to a tire shop and have the flat tire fixed and replaced at your earliest convenience.