A Review of Garmin’s 390 LM

As the pioneer in the introduction of motorcycle GPS system in the market, Garmin has made a strong statement once again that they are indeed the best when it comes to developing GPS system for a motorcycle.

The company has just released a new model zumo 390LM to replace the old model zumo 350LM. This blog addreses a review of Garmin’s 390 LM. This new design has retained all the features of its predecessor plus three new features including Bluetooth connectivity for mobile phones, tire pressure monitoring as well as curvy road navigation.

Below is a review of Garmin’s 390 LM help you know what is all about.



Garmin played it safe with the design as they decided to stick with the design of its predecessor. The bnvxczffggfrugged design of this GPS enables it to hold well when mounted on bikes. In addition to that, the exterior cover is sufficiently resistant to fuel and UV light.

The GPS navigator is also fully waterproof up to the meter deep meaning that motorists have nothing to worry when it rains. The 4.3-inch touchscreen display is big enough to enable the driver to operate the device even when riding the bike. The touchscreen is also very sensitive and has been specifically designed to work without the need of the motorist to take off gloves.

Bluetooth connectivity

Zumo 390LM adding three very crucial features has made this device to stand out from others. The first additional feature that this device has is Bluetooth connectivity. This means that motorist now has the opportunity to pair this device with smartphones so that calls and messages can be relayed on the screen.

Motorists can now answer any important call while riding their bikes without having to take their phones out. This feature not only works with smartphones but also with any device that is Bluetooth enabled including helmets and headsets.

Curvy roads

This feature augment routes to enable motorists to avoid highways by giving them a back route. It also enables motorists to choose between shot distance, fast time and off the road.


This feature helps to track the pressure of the tire to ensure that they are in good shape. All that a motorist has to do is to set their preferred tire pressure and a threshold for low pressure. They will always get a warning whenever the pressure falls below the set threshold.

Other features

bzmbfgfgThe other features include trackback tool, compass functionality and service history log.

With zumo 390LM Garmin has improved what was already a user-friendly motorcycle GPS. This together with improved user interface and performance makes this device perfect for those who are searching for motorcycle GPS.