How To Become An Uber Driver – Understanding The requirements

Are you planning to become a professional Uber driver but do not know how. It may be quite difficult to get all the information you require. Fortunately, you will learn important things on about driving for Uber in this post. You will understand the requirements and how to complete the simple application process. The following are requirements you should meet to drive for Uber.

Uber driver requirements

Age requirements

To qualify as a driver, you need to be at leahnjm2ed6y2e7u28i922st 21 years or more. You should have three years driving experience. However, if you relocated from one state to another, you are required to show proof of your driving history. Therefore, it is advisable to maintain your out-of-state driving license as it may be handy in this case.


Uber is very strict as far as checking the background of its drivers is concerned. You need to have a clean driving record. You cannot become a driver without passing the background checks from various departments such as the police. However, this process takes a couple of days. To pass this process, you need to ensure that in the last seven years you have:

  • No criminal history
  • No fatal accidents
  • No cases of driving without license or insurance
  • No record of reckless driving
  • No drug-related or DUI charges

Car requirements

To qualify as a driver, your car also needs to qualify. You need to have a car that meets all Uber car requirements. They include car manufactured after 2001, 4-door sedan (your car should carry a minimum of four passengers excluding the driver). Moreover, it must have in-state plates. It should not be marked as a taxi. You will need to pass inspection from Uber. Ensure you submit a car that is registered. It is not a must to have your name registered as the owner of it. You should note that some requirements vary from one city to another.

Driving for Uber Black

If you are plahnjm2ed6y2we7du28i22nning to the driver for the Uber Black, you need to know its requirements. In this case, you need to have commercial registration, insurance and licensing. You should also have a luxurious vehicle. This process is more involving that being accepted as an UberX driver.

How to apply

You can complete the application to become a driver online here. Ensure your car is inspected. After the background check is clear, you are free to start driving.